A commitment to simplicity

Summum is a vodka sourced and distilled in the countryside near Charente. From its primary ingredients to the distillation process and even bottle production, Summum has been a 100% French and grassroots endeavor every step of the way.

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A commitment to nature

Being mindful of the ecosystems that provide for us begins with how we source our raw materials. The wheat that goes into creating our vodka is locally-grown and organic. It is cultivated by a farmer known for his protection of natural ecosystems.

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A background of connoisseurship

In the Southwest region of France, in the heart of a region renowned for its expertise in distillation, aging and blending of eaux-de-vie. For generations, cellar masters have been tasting and fine-tuning their blends to produce the best eaux-de-vie. At Summum, our master blender provides us with this knowledge of the ages to ensure that our vodka is the purest it can be.

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A one-of-a-kind,
locally-sourced and organic vodka

Summum is a pure and classy vodka made from 100% French and organic ingredients.
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Summum was born out of a desire to create the purest vodka from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

"Supporting local organic farmers, having the lowest possible carbon footprint and finding an organic distillery nearby were all non-negotiable criteria for us. And we are proud to have checked each of those boxes: Summum is produced organically from A to Z, within a 40 km radius of our company. Our Single Estate Vodka is a fresh and smooth vodka, subtle and refined, with delicate hints of thyme and citrus. It is ideal for lovers of authentic and original vodka, to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails."
summum-vodka-culture-bio summum-vodka-culture-bio-terroir

An Organic

& Local Cultivation

Summum Vodka is a player in the development of local, organic farming. Our water comes from the village of Gensac-La-Pallue, just 8 km from our company. In terms of local supply, it would be hard to do much better!
summum-vodka-culture-bio summum-vodka-culture-terroir summum-vodka-culture-bio-terroir

The Farmer

Our wheat comes from a family farm located in the Charente-Maritime region. Ludovic made his big move back in 2017, converting his 570 acres of grain fields to organic farming in 2017. Thanks to the tireless work and commitment of farmers like Ludovic, we were able to turn a dream project like Summum Vodka into a reality. His commitment and ours go hand-in-hand.
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Ingredients &


Our Wheat

Our Water

Our Production Phases

1. Brewery & Distillery

The brewery is located just a few kilometers from the growing fields. Everything has been carefully thought through in order to store, brew and ferment our wheat in ways that ensure the highest quality organic supply chain. Then we head to the distillery, which is located... in Charente-Maritime, of course!

2. Reduction process... a matter of patience. It is carried out in several steps in order to reduce the degree of alcohol as gently as possible and avoid the destruction of aromas.

3. Cooling process

Lowering the temperature allows for the development of Summum undeniably smooth and round character, but shhh, it's a top production secret!

4. Filtration process

To remove all impurities and give the liquid its brilliance, nothing beats a slow filtration.

Discover our entire range

Discover our entire range

Discover our entire range

Discover our entire range